Kuzio-Consulting Management and Business Seminare Your experts in purchasing & supply management for industrial project businesses
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Purchasing & Supply Management

for medium-sized companies with industrial project business

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Increase your competitiveness! We create new business partnerships for industrial project businesses between buyers in Germany/Austria and sellers in Eastern Europe and Asia. Profit from our company profiles of handpicked and qualified business Partners!

We execute the entire purchasing process for you - from A to Z! From the RFQ to the final contract, in accordance with your needs and based on your specifications. Benefit from our expert know-how and achieve sustainable cost savings!

Improper and faulty execution of supplier contracts can have potentially fatal consequences! We offer professional progress and quality inspections at your suppliers´ workshops. Minimise your risks and ensure deliveries acc. to your contracts!

Save your seat today! Learn best practices and how you can implement bundled practical experience from many top companies immediately!

Benefit from our customized contents - adapted to your individual needs! Increase your competitiveness in the short term and secure sustainable business successes!

Take advantage of our practical experience in leading corporations. We are specialized in medium-sized companies; we work highly professional, targeted and efficient!