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Open seminars with several companies

Best Practices for Implementation

You and your company will benefit tremendously from our seminars. We have over 25 years practical experience based on the best practices of global acting companies like SIEMENS, ABB, ALSTOM Power and other big global players.

One of our strengths is translating and implementing global management techniques to small and medium sized companies.

Comments about KC seminars by past participants: 

  • “KC gave us very good and professional solutions to problems which can be executed well” 
  • “The seminar speaker was enthusiastic and created a positive and laid-back atmosphere” 
  • “During the seminar, the KC speaker mentioned problems that I could relate to”
  • “Objective and laid-back seminar” 
  • “Excellent seminar preparation” 
  • “Excellent Power Point presentation” 
  • “KC brought many ‘food for thought’ subjects and aspects” 
  • “The KC speaker used very good examples and props in an excellent way” 
  • “Due to the good seminar design and the vitalizing way of presenting, all participants were galvanized” 
  • “The number of subjects presented were adequate and appropriate”
  • “The summary discussion was very helpful, enthusiastic and a good way to end the seminar day”

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