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Global Sourcing - supplier management worldwide

In our consulting area of Global Sourcing, we are specialized in creating new partnerships between Western European buyers (Clients) and capable sellers (Suppliers) - worldwide.

We work with best practices, based on many years of professional experience in worldwide leading corporations of industrial project business, Plant & Power Plant Construction: SIEMENS (DE+AT), BÖLLHOFF (DE+USA), ABB (CH+DE), ALSTOM Power (DE), VA TECH (AT), including daily business activities in Eastern Europe, China, South Korea and Thailand.

One of KUZIO-CONSULTING’s strengths is the translation of global management techniques for application in small and medium sized companies.

We use our large database of Western European Clients and a huge number of company profiles of worldwide Suppliers but also our global network. Based on these tools we have the full customer & supplier market transparency.

For many years our project experience has shown that all partners will benefit greatly from our global sourcing Services!

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Our services for Western European companies

For Western European companies we offer services for the entire sourcing and supplier evaluation process, but also for the project execution phase:

  • Analysis of the client’s purchasing scope and definition of commodities for Eastern European and Asian suppliers
  • Creating commercial enquiry documents
  • Evaluation of Eastern European and Asian Suppliers by
    • visiting the Supplier’s facilities
    • analysing the Supplier’s competence and creating detailed company profiles
  • Ensuring the successes of purchasing activities by monitoring and expediting at the supplier’s workshops
  • Project controlling & project reporting, incl. project progress reports
  • Contract and Claim Management

Benefits for Western European companies

  • tremendous cost savings due to lower labour and equipment costs in Eastern Europe and Asia
  • stronger competitive position in Western Europe
  • KUZIO-CONSULTING´s knowledge of the supplier market as well as detailed information on the suppliers suitable for your business needs


How global sourcing gets more successful

Many Western European companies still have the opinion that they may have the following problems if they would buy from low cost countries: High planning costs, high logistics costs, long delivery times, and high information demand due to communication problems.

Larger Western European companies have demonstrated that these problems could be eliminated. However, to eliminate these problems you need to follow a professional process in order to evaluate the supplier markets in the East. In addition, supplier qualification and certification processes, but also specific project actions, are extremely important.

The suppliers, which are possibly qualified, must be selected carefully by hand. They should be approved only if the Western European quality and information standards are fulfilled. Personal supplier qualification processes and audits at the supplier’s location should also be completed. Only if these conditions are fulfilled, then those suppliers can be accepted as a business partner.

Detailed and informative company profiles of the suppliers are the basis for the start of specific projects with Western European clients.

During the project phase, efficient project controlling, but also appropriate project supporting actions are “a must”. Only if you do this you can make sure that all project requirements regarding costs, deadlines, and quality will be fulfilled according to Western European standards.

Our goal

Mr. Kuzio always says that “our goal is that our Western European clients cannot find any quality differences from Western European suppliers, if they are working with Eastern or Asien suppliers which we recommend”.

And “when it comes to the area of global sourcing, especially small and medium sized companies have big accumulated needs and are still not using the enormous potential that global sourcing can bring to increase their competitive advantages”.

Our services for suppliers:

We offer lots of services for the acquisition to find the right clients in Western Europe.
With this support you will increase your company’s order intake with sustainable and profitable contracts from Western Clients.

If desired, we will also help you achieve higher standards in order to increase efficiency and productivity.
For this case KUZIO-CONSULTING offers numerous consulting services to Eastern European and Asien companies, for example:

  • Corporate Management
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) and Balanced Score Card (BSC)
  • Company Organization and Finance
  • Creating and implementing of Line Organization and Process Organization
  • Planning and implementing of Project Management
  • Project Organisation
  • Time Scheduling (planning and expediting of project deadlines)
  • Cost Calculations
  • Project Quality
  • Project Controlling and Reporting
  • Project Management Tools
  • Change Management (Organizations, Employees): Planning, implementation, monitoring and coaching of Change Management Processes

Benefits for suppliers:

  • We have the right customers in Western Europe.
  • We have the necessary connections and relationships in Western European companies to enable you to secure contracts and lasting business relationships.
  • You will learn how Western European Companies are thinking, deciding and acting.